PBC Community is always available for Community Services

We have joined different Organizations for any kind of betterment.

1-      PBC Azaadi Rally 14-8-2009

This was PBC’s own effort and was designed to educated youth, that we can celebrate Independence day in a responsible manner also. The event was supported by ARY NEWS & WAQT NEWS. The Link:


2-      Responsible Riding Rally

This was PBC’s own effort and was designed to educate youth about Responsible Riding, use of right lane, managing speed etc etc. The event was supported by Express News, Citi42, Powerful Drink. The Link:


3-      LCCI Rally 2011

PBC was requested by LCCI to manage Rally announced by them in 2011. PBC managed the rally and made it a successful event. The Link:


4-      Series of Responsible Riding Rallies

We have planned these activities on regular basis. The start was made on 17-3-2012. This was done in Center of Lahore during working hours and roads full of traffic. We were supported by ARY NEWS & EXPRESS NEWS. The Link:


5-      PBC, City Traffic Police & Metro Motorcycles Rally

On 24-3-2012, PBC joined this event on request of CTP and also helped them organized the event. This event was a successful effort of three communities. It was supported by different Media channels also. The link:


6- LCCI Rally 2012

On 28-4-2012 LCCI designed a Bike Rally for all motorcyclists. This was one of the biggest biking event of Pakistan. Which was managed by PBC. 100s of motorcyclists joined the event and three lucky winners got 150cc bikes in a lucky draw.


7-  Super Car & Bike Expo

HCA organized this event on 5th & 6th May, 2012. Considering our track record for public welfare, we were given a stall free of cost. Where PBC tried well to give awareness about safety & Tourism.