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PBC guys did this some time back using old data



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Some Points:

Well, no one can declare one simple thing to be 100%. So is the case here.

We have to consider some points while making decision, so that we get the best as per our needs. So we request all to kindly please get what you need, do not try for what market needs or what local mechanics say.

Considering the Sprinter:

Keeping in mind the weight which is lowest in category and CC and HPs which are highest in category, we can make it best in Pick. About quality, we want to request you to users but want to inform about one thing that the company has reduced the Warranty Period to almost half. The users and riders say that the sound of Sprinter looks better than Junoon and some claim same against CD100 but they also say that it is not comparable to SD110 from Suzuki. The engine technology as claimed by the Suzuki salesmen is most advanced, specially, when we consider the carb. The addition of EuroII technology is a good step.

The design of Sprinter is simple but attractive also. A few things are little unique too e.g., the signals. Overall Sprinter design is not as much stylish as of Junoon’s but the overall design looks as made in a Rhythm. Due to 110cc engine and about 90kgs of weight the power to weight ratio looks attractive as compared to competitors.

The tire of good design and size 2.75-18 provides a reasonable grip but due to low weight we cannot call it a superb braking machine. Though the Sprinter is good in handling, but, as per discussions with users the hard seat will push you to claim it a superb handling bike or not, its up to you now.

The parts are also available in market but people prefer to get from company showrooms. As these showrooms may not be present in small cities so, you may face problem in getting parts with full satisfaction along with service. On the other hands, parts are also available with some good dealers in different cities. Moreover, Suzuki certified mechanics are now also available.  We have also heard one common thing that a Suzuki mechanic manage a Honda bike but a Honda mechanic may or may not manage a Suzuki bike.

One thing to inform you that the resale of the Suzuki Sprinter is not like old models when the Suzuki bikes were not sold in such numbers. But still in case of resale Suzuki will not win. But we personally believe that you should not only consider the resale issue but many things, from which a few are given above.

Considering the Junoon:

With weight of 99kgs and an engine of 102cc which produces 8.1 HPs, Junoon is considered to be good in speed in its category. Moreover, the most stylish bike in the line. So, the engine with 8.1HP gives you a good pickup, also because of small size of tire, which is smallest in category.

As Yamaha started the bike short time back and being an important brand the company is giving good quality resulting in a strong engine. The carb technology plus the engine looks like same as to Yama 4 of Yamaha that was first 4 stroke bike of Yamaha. Some people say that it’s a new and stylish version of Yama 4. So, as compared to Sprinter and CD100, we can say that both other bikes are a result of new technology but Junoon is a different case.

One the other hand the front and front sides of Junoon are making it the most beautiful bike sold inPakistan. Though it was based on same technology of Yama 4 but its stylish looks made it a hot choice of youngsters. Talking to some users we found that they did not like the looks of rear part. They said that the design, fitting, and color of rear mudguard do not match the Rhythm of this stylish bike. But one thing that riders have said that the seat is better than Sprinter which is little harder and not good for long rides. One more thing to note is the rear footrest, which is simple old design which again puts whole weight of co-rider on rear main rods (from engine to rear axle), perhaps because the new technology could not be added to old Yama 4 frame.

Talking about CD100:

We can say that it is quite reasonable bike from Atlas Honda. Unlike Junoon, it is totally a new product from the company. Till 2009 the company has made some major changes and developed he bike well. They are also offering now with a little option which adds a good style to bike (front light screen of Honda Deluxe). It’s the first bike with Euro2 engine of any Pakistani bike. It has good size of almost biggest wheelbase, longer body, good tire sizes and maximum ground clearance in its category. The most attractive thing of this bike is the enjoyable seat which gives you maximum pleasure in its category for long tours, plus it’s the only bike in this category with double cradle frame. The negatives with this bike are that it is 97.1cc and with one of the highest weight i.e., 98kgs. Though the bike can easily cruise at 90kms/hr but the heavy body and little less power gives it little slow pick-up in starting than the competitors. But still its great body, seating etc gives you best result on long routes, specially when the issue is riding pleasure not speed.

The users claim that Atlas Honda can cut some weight by changing front mudguard with that of Deluxe which will also add style to it. Otherwise, bike looks balanced in style from front to end.

On the other hand, the bike does not have good resale. The parts are available at almost all branded shops but may not be available with local shops. This reason, plus the local mechanics who do not find it easy to operate are reasons of bad resale. Otherwise, if someone wants the driving pleasure, road grip, good ground clearance etc etc, must check this bike before finalizing.


DISCLAIMER: This is from personal experience of some riders and we have tried our best to be neutral while compiling. The site does not claim for anything physical or as a thought to be final and is not responsible for any kind of loss to anyone in any term.



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Gr8 research

Make rules and than brake some...


Very well detailed and helpful


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wll, right now we are owrking on new Comparison, if anyone has done, something like this, he / she must share plz



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Well, considering the current situation,

The status is little different now

Honda has launched new model of 100cc that is now called PRIDOR, where they have gone to next level of Beauty & Style. Moreover, to proceed in performance side they have also decreased the weight, which is now 96kgs, as compared to 98kgs in recent model. Again the power to weight ratio has got little better i.e., 100cc & 96kgs.

On the other side the Suzuki has changed it’s model Sprinter into RAIDER. Which was 109cc and as in recent model and 91kgs in weight. Same is the case of new model. But again power to weight ratio was best in its category of 100cc to 110cc. 110cc & 91kgs is much better as compared to PRIDOR’s. Moreover, they have proceeded towards the Beauty & Style but not in comparison to PRIDOR. But if we consider Sprinter, the new RAIDER is better in style and beauty.

If we consider both new models, the RAIDER is still better in Power to weight ratio but Atlas Honda has gone above old styles of 100cc designing for it’s PRIDOR. They have used same theme they used to have in their Top model Deluxe 125cc that is priced at Rs.1,18,000/- or US1192$.