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Kerala has become famous for its Ayurvedic centres, these centers have rendered an innovative and new concept to Ayurveda. These   ayurvedic centers in Kerala]   have attracted tourists from far and wide to indulge in treatments. There many different kinds of massages with herbal extracts, ministrations with medicated oils and therapies conducted to heal the patients. These ayurvedic treatments are effective against various illnesses and patients from various countries have healed in these processes. Ayurveda has secured a niche of its own in the contemporary era. It has blended well with the modern life and tackles the various ill effects of the hectic routines. Many young persons visit Ayurvedic centres for detoxification. These ayurvedic centres in Kerala increases the energy level and revitalises the body. Many of the tourists are patrons of this treatment. Elders also vouch by the norms of Ayurveda and lead their lives by it, they prefer Ayurveda to other alternatives. The secrets of longevity are bonded with Ayurveda, the elder generations are aware of these facts. They resolve to abide by the various norms of Ayurveda in their life span. Ayurvedic centres have become famous with better awareness about various health factors. Renowned Ayurvedic doctors consult the patients and provide the adequate treatments. Ayurveda has become competent and it has secured a niche in the modern lives. Many tourists have included it as a part of their health routine. There are several patrons for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic centres from far and wide.