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It was friday morning and my enemy turned friend blueHorn pinged me, hey whats up are you ready I texted back “hell yeah!”

bluehorn changed his ride on last minute from GS150 to GS500e which worried me a little becuase its been few weeks when he purchased it and most of the bike was unknown to himself, I asked if he can go on 150 but he was so much curiuos to know what GS500 can do out there!

The GAME Plan :

We had a vision to go ahead from Daman e koh and follow the route as we heard it reaches out some where near Ghora Gali, but on the way at monal (pir Sohawa) locals warned us that its a seriously rough track and we must think other wise, but the aderdelene was pushing us to take the challenge (typical bikers thinking ^_^) and beside we were well prepared and topped the fuel tanks as we knew we will not find any gasoline for may be next 300~KMH of climb ahead of us.

After exploring this track we had plan to stay and rest at Muree and then next day trek forward to NathiaGali and then to Thandayani.

Now I will just shut up and let the Pictures do the talking :) and BlueHorn can add all a lot of things which i just skipped :)





Posts: 89

OK! I am unable to attach picture “add media” button not working :/