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Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are generations old, these treatments are effective against various illnesses. There is an influx of tourists visiting these Ayurveda centres seeking treatments for their ailments. Nasyam or nasal administration of medicines is effective treatment for sinusitis and migraine. Many such common illnesses can be treated with Ayurvedic treatments. It is possible to get rid of various persistent health issues with Ayurveda. Tourists throng the Ayurvedic resorts for the wellness treatments. These treatments include rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments. It is a great idea to spend a vacation full of adventures and experience the spell of Ayurveda. There is a great demand on the various wellness packages for men and women. These packages are effective and affordable. Kerala has earned quite a lot of reputation as the hub of Ayurvedic treatments. These treatments heal the mind, body and soul and are holistic. There are specific treatment for disorders such as backaches, headaches, it is ideal to get rid of these common disorders and be free from such maladies. Ayurveda is a treasure trove of various natural medications for the ailments. It has several applications ideal for human community. Ayurveda is one such treatment practice that benefits the entire human community. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and propagates it to others to follow. The various health instruction based on Ayurveda should be followed and it provides benefits such as longevity. ayurveda treatment kerala  is popular


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well, this is from a tourist point of view or medical ?



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