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What If instead of monthly meeting we do a Monthly ‘On Road’ short tour ? where we can cruise of loving rides, most of us dont have offroading machines or dont really lean towards off roading, so what If we do toure to some really good places which exist near Lahore.

It will be fun, as most riders will join in as its would be as short as in one day and people with busy schedules can also join in.

It will be an ON road tour so people with less agile rides even CD70 will work perfect

People with Cruisers and heavy machines will not be uncomfortable with bumps and bruises which are expected on Country side

Novice Riders like us will learn from senior how to go riding Pro-Touring from seniors

May be I am getting of the hook but just wanted to share the Idea, please through some light and give you point of views about it


 - Vicky


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well, meeting is important and we can have more options to induct this idea, i mean we an hav meeting on 2nd sunday n tour on on on  . . . on 4th :)
or we can hav one meeting n one tour on same schedule
btw, the tour we hav planned for  23 and 24 is not off roaders option only, 
Mustafa with a simple bike n tire enjoyed that too, plus off roading is part of hat plan, not a major part, infact tour is major part and some small competitions also which will be maaged by all. there.
nice suggestions BTW.



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competetion .. hmmm now thats sounds interesting.

The whole idea in my mind is to visit cool places near Lahore which are approachable on bike in one day and have nice Roads to approach, because being a biker frankly I enjoy the lovely long ride, and not really interested in where we are actually going :D hehehheheh … its like spending time with you Girlfriend (Bike I mean :D :D ) …

and beside learn how to handle situations on tours like Malik sahab explained in last meeting.


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very right, lets do some work on such plans, or u share some ideas, n all of  us shld sit n decide to proceed



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What are our options of places to visit for such short on-road tours? My routine and bike allows me only short on-road tours..

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