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well, Registration is a bigger scene
Registration means to get ur car / bike registered with the state / government

when u buy a machine u hav 2 options:

1- u take all the documents to registration authority [doc.s mean the invoice, sales certificate (given to u by ur dealer), cnic copy, some signed stamp papers (u will get these from the office of registering authority office or agents outside their office), a file cover etc

then go urself to the office with Fee, you will apply for registration. They will keep all the original doc.s,

Most of the authorities in Pakistan, will assign you ur bike Registration on spot and issue a Voucher / slip.

The other things: after 10 to 20 days either they send to ur home or you will be asked to collect. You will receive the Registration Certificate & Return File (this file will have all the documents. some of the authorities also issue you Plates, may at time of Registration or at time of doc.s delivery.

2- you give ur cnic copy to the dealer from where u buy the bike, he will do the rest, but may charge you from Rs.500 to Rs.2000 aprox. for the services, depending upon awareness level of customer or the type of customer. he may give u slip in 2 to 3 days n doc.s in 25 days to 30 days bcoz, most of them will go to the Reg Authority office when there are a few files with them, they might not go for you only.

it’s just because of our awareness level, that our riders face problem otherwise, they hav to manage time n go themselves to save money and know the true situation,
in short 3 things will have value: 1- Registration Certificate / Booklet, 2- File (Return File), 3- Plates (in some cases / provinces).

at P B C we try our best that our riders hav all such info

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