Folks Here i am

April 24, 2013 by sherypaki


Dear Members and Administrators of PBC

First of all thanx for accepting me in your group, you guys are doing a great job because not only promoting two wheelers and adventure related to it but also promoting it in a safe way. i am new to your group but i was following you from last one year. let me introduce myself, my name is Sheraz Sohail Awan, i am an engineer from UET Lahore, and working as a Manager Technical in CommTel Systems. I have 2 bikes right now, one is Honda Road Master 200 which is 1984 model and other one is Ravi Piaggio 125 which is 2011 model. i have toured extensively throughout Pakistan mostly trekking tours, i have trekked Raka poshi Base camp, K2 base camp, Naltar Pakora Trek, Nanga Parbat base camps of Fairy Meedows, Heligopher, Latoba Meedows and many others but on bike i just had one tour which was last year in 2012 and that was from Islamabad to Azad Kashmir (Rawalakot, Bagh, Muzzaffarabad) and all the way back to Lahore. Anyway that was little bit about me, i hope to meet all the members soon as whenever the administrator will intimate me of any get togather or meeting, c u all soon. take care and Allah Hafiz.


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